Puffin, Anansi and friends

Here is a picture of where Puffin currently lives. In the foreground is “Anansi” -- Puffin's “big sister” (a boat is always a she – even if it has a male name).

The New Mirror Dinghy Discussion Forum

Some visitors may have come here because they've bookmarked a link to our old pages when the Mirror forum was moved from MSN to Multiply. Since then, Peter Kaiser and Gernot Hirsinger have established a new Forum. All the links and information formerly parked here are now on the new Mirror Dinghy Discussion Forum Pages.

Besucher, die das Mirror-Forum suchen, finden es nun als Mirror Dinghy Discussion Forum Hier noch einige Links zu bootsrelevanten Themen: Schwert- und Kielreparatur, Flying Cruiser S "ANANSI" Januar 2019